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Neither ChatGPT nor Bard managed to produce a working program, far from it.

I asked for:

Write a Java program using the XOM library that reads an XML file with CDATA sections and pretty prints the XML while preserving the CDATA blocks.

So far, I’m underwhelmed by AI code. It can generate lots of trivial code easily, but anything that’s more advanced is a big problem (it tells you everything’s fine, of course).

IMO, using AI also makes you passive as a coder, so when something doesn’t work, you’re not in the right flow to fix it instantly, instead you turn to AI again to fix it for you. The coding and test loop is then less about flow and more about getting the prompts/comments right.

This far, for me, AI is best for exploration and research. Not for production code or even programs that work.

#llm #openai #googlebard #java #xml

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